“The purpose of life is to grow“


TWW Inc.’s multi-discipline art programs are built to fit the needs of your students. The Trails is a story that presents challenging and important cultural themes to engage youth about history and its relevance today through the arts. With the understanding of multi-cultural and diverse community, allows us to introduce students to a variety of different cultures and their own and shared history. This program is done separately or compliments the CORE curriculum of the students. This program is also used for another purpose, a mentoring program. The Leadership Mentoring program is to teach achievement, motivation, mentoring, self-awareness and goal settings. Our mentoring program develops strong minds, bodies, spirit, teamwork, desire, dedication, discipline, respect of one-self and others.  This is about making positive trails for themselves, and so others can follow their footsteps in a positive manner.

Students that join our program will have little or no experience in the arts at this level, so this will be their introductory course! The students we serve are diverse in their socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, and work within an inclusive classroom setting, which gives each child the ability to learn from one another and practice working together. All roads leads lead to home, and through this performance I will illuminate the common threads that bind people and cultures together.

The Trails – Coming Home  (see in our Gallery)

 As we navigate these cultural trails have a unique opportunity to chart a course “Home.” This work, through dance, theater, music, song, spoken word and powerful visuals, will give both the performer and audience a rare glimpse into the world of cultural exchange. An epiphany that will let us all know that we can all come “Home” and or create a new “Home”. A strong vibrant cultural voice that can speak volumes to this varied community and beyond about tolerance, mutual respect and collective communal creativity.

Our program is based on the needs of the your students. You can build the program in any form. Pricing for program is discussed.